About us

Sourland Farm is a family run backyard farm located on top of the Sourland Mountain in Hillsborough Township, NJ. We take pride in offering the freshest natural eggs possible at a reasonable price.

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“Our Mottos”
“Happy Hens Lay Healthy Eggs”
“From Our Hens Directly To You”
“Quality Hens Lay Quality Eggs”
“Best Buy on the Mountain”

***Our Prices Beat***
(CSA – NOFA – Local Farm Stands)

How Our Flock Is Humanely Raised
• Hatched & Raised from Our Own Eggs
• Proper Rooster to Hen Ratio
• Enriched Colony
• Raised in Mountain Fresh Air & Sunshine
• Free Range & Secured at Night to Protect from Predators
• Fed Natural Organic Feed & Mountain Cool Well Water
• Supplemental Feed – Fodder, Cracked Corn, Oyster Shells,
• Mealworms, Millet, Vegetables, Fruits & Berries.
• (No Antibiotics, GMO’s, Hormones, Pesticides or Meat by Products Used)
• Eggs are Hand Washed with Mild Natural Soap & Well Water
• (No Harsh Soaps or Chemicals Used)
• Eggs are Harvested, Washed & Refrigerated Daily

Work schedule

Hours: 08:00 - 18:00
Days: Daily
Months: All year

Contact information

Address: 411 Long Hill Rd, Hillsborough, New Jersey, 08844
Phone: 908-336-8139
Web site: https://localhens.com/farms/sourland-farm/

We sell

EggsFertile Hatching Eggs$1.00Each
EggsFresh Brown Eggs$3.25Dozen
OtherChicks - Rhode Island Red$5.00Each
OtherIncubator Service$25.00Each
OtherPullets and Hens$16.00Each
OtherRooster Stud Service$10.00Each
OtherRoosters and Meat Birds$10.00Each
OtherTransportation Cage Rental$5.00Each